Primary Princess

February, 2019

"Some like to live quietly in the shadows, 

content with wardrobes of dull, grey clothes.

Their voices are soft like midnight rain,

afraid to even breathe in vain.

Among these types, she’ll catch your eye

with dozens of pigeons, she’s a butterfly.

Bright, lively fabrics adorn her back, 

she won’t even touch soul-sucking jet black.

Primary shades are held close to heart,

They beautifully showcase her spirit of art.

A complex girl, with contrasting traits,

her glittering secrets guarded by iron gates.

Many believe they know her in a glance,

but she just scoffs, knowing there’s not a chance.

One moment she’s singing into the infinite night, 

the next, her eyes don’t hold an ounce of light.

This primary princess may seem dauntless,

twirling about in a blinding red dress,

but deep down, she’s just one big mess." - v

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